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706 Ellsworth St. SW
Albany, Oregon 97321

Office: 541.926.1449

Emergency: 541.990.5552

You can also email us at:
Mass times at St. Mary's Parish in Albany Oregon


Saturday Vigil 5:00 PM

Sunday 8:30 & 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM


Saturday 7:00 PM

Sunday 1:00 PM


Saturday 3:30 –4:30 PM
or by appointment
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Electronic Fund Transfer for giving to the church:


Satisfaction of giving to God first

  • Peace-of-mind knowing that St Mary’s is receiving your contribution even if you are unable to attend
  • More secure than checks
  • Easier personal budgeting—all contributions are recorded on your bank statement with date of settlement

How to sign up for Electronic Giving (call or email the office and we will send you a form) —Complete an Authorization Form by
      1.  Choose a donation frequency
      2.  Indicate the amount of the contribution for each fund you wish to support—General Fund, Raise the Roof, Building and Maintenance , Catholic Education, Family Crisis, Liturgy, Local Charities, Hispanic Ministry and Holy and special day contributions
      3.  Complete the remainder of the form; mail it to the church office or drop it in the collection—we will arrange for your savings or checking account to be debited as you select

Important Benefits of EFT for St. Mary’s

  • Less time for church volunteers in processing the collection
  • A more predictable income flow for better planning
  • Improved cash management with less labor.

Traditional Choices Remain
Any parishioner who chooses not to participate in EFT may continue to use the parish envelopes. If you do not currently use envelopes, please consider participating
in the program. Our parish needs your consistent support.
St. Mary’s Funds

The General Fund – most of the money for parish operations comes from the general fund. These are the donations that are in your white envelopes or that you put in the collection basket. The General Fund is our most important source of revenue. It is used to support most of our parish programs.

Building / Maintenance Fund – . Monies donated here go for repairs and on going maintenance on our buildings. Janitorial service is also included here.

Raise the Roof - We anticipate that over the next several years, our parish will have several major expenses. We will need to replace the roofs on the church, the school and the Our Lady of Guadalupe House; we will also need to replace the HVAC systems and carpets in the church. Conservative estimates are that we will need about $300,000 to do all the repair and replacement. Dollars donated to "Raise the Roof" help us save for the day when we will have these capital expenses.

Catholic Education Fund – donations to this fund help to support the various education programs of our parish. It also is used to provide the scholarships that the graduating high school seniors receive in the spring.

Liturgy Fund- donations to this fund help us to get the special things that we need to celebrate Mass, the sacraments and other special liturgies.

Family Crisis Fund – this is for parish families who are experiencing financial difficulties. Frequently families are able to borrow from this fund and then pay it back over time.

Local Charities – St. Mary’s distributes your donations to this fund to various Albany agencies like FISH, Helping Hands, Interfaith Caregivers, and Pregnancy Resource Center.

Hispanic Ministry – donations to this fund go directly to support Hispanic ministry in our parish.

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